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How Long Do Cryotherapy Results Last?

How Long do Cryotherapy Results Last?

Cryotherapy is the process of exposing oneself to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes at a time. The therapy session uses frigid temperatures, up to and even lower than -200 degrees Fahrenheit. Sessions usually last around 2-3 minutes. But…

Better Sleep With Cryotherapy

Better Sleep with Cryotherapy

Sleep. One of the things we all share in common, and usually one of the things we all never seem to get enough of. Maybe you are just so busy that you forget to sleep, it happens. Or, maybe you…

Want To Say Buh Bye To Cellulite


TRY FIRE & ICE AT CHILL! Cellulite. It is a dirty word. Between 80 – 90 percent of women get it while the percentage of men with cellulite is less than 10%. The exact cause of cellulite is not known…

Man With Hangover Ice Pack

Treating Hangovers with IV Drip

Curing a Hangover With an IV Drip Almost everyone who drinks from time to time has been there: after a night out, you wake up with those telltale signs of a little too much fun. Your tongue is heavy, your…

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